About us


Founded in 2019, Today we have delivery capability in 26 state and 520 district across India and a client-base across a broad spectrum of businesses, Including Fortune 500+ Indirect client and companies.
An Empaneled background check company with national Skill Registry, Over Past Years, Praneet Infotech as been an innovation-driven organization, Leveraging technology with its automated, in-house applications. Being an established trust enabler, we thrive upon customer satisfaction to grow by leaps and bounds to meet the highest standard of excellence

Who are the field Executives

Our field agents are freelancer and private surveying person and professionals who work primarily on Location. Our Professional agents will do data collection for businesses, check up on employees or Property, Investigate accidents, do debt collection, and many other specific things, business, finance company ,Bank, Property Owner, Or Private Individual may need.

AVS connects you to agents who are available nationwide to do task or offer services in your state and city or across the country. They are familiar with technology and use cloud-Based software to provide you with real-time status updates and GPS Tracking. Contact us today to get connected to a Professional agent who will offer you or your business exactly what you need.